Founded in 1979, the Vietnamese Voluntary Foundation, Inc. (VIVO) is one of the most dedicated 501(c)3 nonprofit, community-based organization providing comprehensive acculturation, employment, health and human support, senior and family services to over 100,000 residents in the counties of Santa Clara and San Joaquin in Northern California. The success of VIVO has been its ability to maximize its internal resources and grassroots support to collaborate with local, state and federal governments, public and private entities. VIVO possesses a history of over 36 years earning the trust of the community as an agency dedicated to the betterment of the local community Vietnamese-Americans and the Northern California community-at-large.

Our mission is to empower the underserved communities through community service, education, leadership and cultural activities.

Our bilingual/bi-cultural services include programs such as: Senior Program, Youth & Family Programs, Health Education, English-as-a-Second Language, Computer Skills Training, Employment Placement, Citizenship Classes, Community Advocacy and other services.


In 1979, a group of young Vietnamese-American professionals in San Jose put into action their strong commitment to community services by founding VIVO, a non-profit agency to assist refugees/immigrants and low income ethnic families become productive members of our community Value multicultural diversity.  Extending these services, VIVO developed a second branch in Stockton in 1985.


Compassion within a Cultural framework

Team Values:

  • Commitment, Assertive, Compassionate and Responsible
  • Bilingual and bi-culture
  • Dedication
  • Passionate
  • Client oriented

VIVO’s Founders:

Mr. Tran Truc Viet
Mr. Tran Huu Duc
Mr. Tran Tan Quoc
Mr. Trieu Thuc Bao
Mr. Tu Son
Mr. Quan Trong Thang