Tet Festival


Project website: www.tetsanjose.org

Tet is the largest and grandest Vietnamese holiday, celebrating the fortunes of a wonderful upcoming new year together with families, friends, and the community.

VISION: Celebrating traditional and modern Vietnamese culture to unite, empower and inspire youth, families and communities.

MISSION: We are moving forward by providing a fresh and dynamic way to bring together entertainment, volunteerism, food, art, activities to celebrate the love and appreciation of Vietnamese culture, while honoring the past through educating the broader community and its members on the Vietnamese traditions observed during the Tet Festival.

NEW YEAR DATE: 1st day of lunar year calendar.

EVENT DATE: please visit www.tetsanjose.org

1.     Culture: To appreciate the culture, food, music, tradition, literature, and heritage of the Vietnamese community; to add to the cultural identity by bringing in fresh ideas; and making it accessible and appealing to all age groups and communities.
2.     Community: To network with others and help build a sense of community solidarity and identity.
3.     Inspiration: Motivating and energizing youth to develop the skills and valuable character to make positive contributions to their community, while addressing the challenges of generation gap and leadership transition.
4.     Philanthropy: To bring Vietnamese youth together and provide them with opportunities for leadership development and community service; to raise funds to support local community projects.
5.     Prosperity: Provide opportunities for businesses and organizations to promote their products and services to the Asian/Vietnamese American market.

How To Get Involved

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