Community Outreach

Community outreach is a powerful approach for agencies and organizations to connect with their target audiences. Without community awareness, a good project may never succeed. Nevertheless, it is possible for community outreach to fail if not properly implemented. So how can you ensure that your message and outreach efforts are effectively getting to the right audiences?

After years of working with the Vietnamese community, Vivo is fully equipped with the experience and knowledge of the Vietnamese culture, language, values and beliefs. Our dedicated team can be your messenger in communicating with the Vietnamese community to build lasting trust and positive relationship. With our assistance, you can establish valuable connections with respected community leaders, influential community members, city government agencies, local businesses and non-profit organizations to establish bridges with the Vietnamese community and strengthen your outreach potential.

Furthermore, Vivo can help increase your social exposure by creating local events as well as getting coverage through local Vietnamese media outlets such as newspapers, radio shows, and television stations. We also offer advices on how to maximize resources and expand geographic impact in developing successful connections and partnerships with the community. Let us be your trusted partner in helping you develop culturally relevant approaches to make your next campaign, program, or project, a success.