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VIET112 – Vietnamese Help Line

Dịch vụ tìm kiếm thông tin miễn phí cho cộng đồng người Việt

Assist Vietnamese Americans in need by connecting them to available programs and resources

NẾU BẠN CẦN GIÚP, HÃY GỌI 1-855-VIET-112 (1-855-8438-112)

• Tìm những chương trình của chính phủ và các cơ quan bất vụ lợi như: vô gia cư, cung cấp thực phẩm, nơi tạm trú, bạo hành gia đình v.v.
• Hướng dẫn khiếu nại những cơ sở thương mại gian trá.
• Tìm những dịch vụ pháp lý, bạo hành gia đình, di trú, v.v.
• Tìm địa chỉ & đường đi khi bị lạc.
• Thông dịch khi cần thiết.
• Tìm những cơ sở thương mại.
• Giới thiệu đến những cơ sở thương mại uy tín.
• Cố gắng tìm câu trả lời cho những câu hỏi & thắc mắc của bạn.

Viet112 is a free helpline to assist Vietnamese Americans in need by connecting them to available programs and resources. Viet112’s representatives are committed to provide you the best help, your calls are completely free and confidential.

Viet112 can help:
– Connect you to available programs and resources (city, county, state, federal and nonprofit agencies)
– Guide how-to file complaint against illegitimate businesses
– Find legal services, domestic violence, immigration, etc..
– Community/business directory assistance, addresses, translation,
– Connect you with community groups and activities
– We will try our best to find a solution for your needs


– 61% of Vietnamese speak English less than “very well” in the U.S., based on ACS 2010.
– Vietnamese Americans have high rate of poverty.

VIET 112, a Community Help Line, was born out a need to address the difficulty for individuals to find help. Even though numer­ous programs existed that could service just about every need, if you don’t speak English very well, it’s really hard to find out what kind of programs fit the situation and the contact information associated with the program. In Santa Clara County and the San Francisco Bay Area, where more than half of the Vietnamese population speak English less than “very well”, how would one know to seek a “benefits counselor” when their SSI payments are dwindling? When was the last time you came across instruc­tions on how to contest a parking ticket in Vietnamese? What are the frequently asked questions peo­ple have in trying to find solutions in their lives?

We also face trying times. Vietnamese Americans have always had a higher rate of poverty than the county average. Part of trying to alleviate poverty is to help people overcome barriers to prosperity. But as language plays a large barrier in accessing available programs, we’re collecting data on the programs to see if they are appropriate for a Vietnamese person who speaks English as a second language, or does not speak English at all.

Viet112 operators standby 10hrs a day to help community connect to available resources.

Please join us in combating poverty, and helping every person have access to a healthier life. Together, we can give everyone in the community hope for a better tomorrow!

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